Free Packages

Good news for our photography clients!

The first time you officially retain our photographer’s photography services, UP PhotoArt will provide you with 1) a free Fingerprint Tree Guestbook, and 2) 5 free wedding special retouching coupons.

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    1)       Fingerprint Tree Guestbook

  We provide our Fingerprint Tree Guestbook with a fancy design for your wedding event or any of your special events. The Fingerprint Tree Guestbook is a unique piece of wall artwork that captures and remembers to be admired by guests that shared your special day. Each one of leaves are the true fingerprint of people whom dear to you.

-The Fingerprint Guestbook is fit for your memorable event such as wedding guestbook, baby showers, birthday, corporate event, any special event etc to celebrate your meaningful moment.

-One Fingerprint Tree Guestbook of 16” * 20” medium size for 70~100 guests and 2 ink pads will be shipping to you within 3~5 business days in North America, U.S & Canada.

-Please tell your photographer for your detailed information of “names and date you want to represent below the tree.

-For more volumes and order, please visit our partner company page below.  

2)      5 free special photo retouching coupons – we offer it free for photography clients only