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Your special wedding day can last forever through wedding photography by Up PhotoArt. Recognized as one of the best wedding photographers Toronto, it undertakes thousands of wedding projects for the betrothed couples each year.

Wedding photography is important in any wedding taking place in Toronto, for that matter anywhere in the world. Our photographers are constantly put under the microscope for showcasing their skills at each wedding location in and outside Toronto. Many wedding chapels, upscale wedding venues and exotic destination wedding locations have been covered over the years by our photographers. This has given them enough experience to master the art of photography in all such common and uncommon locations that our clients choose for the wedding ceremonies. We can also recommend the most exotic and romantic locations for the exclusive couple’s photo session.

To start your wedding photography experience we first offer consultation where we communicate with you directly to learn more about the wedding, like the number of people attending and the time schedule for rehearsal dinner, reception and other wedding ceremonies. This initial phase is also used to analyze the personality and nature of the clients and match a suitable photographer to suit their personal style.

We are more than just photography and cinematography; it is safe to say that we are storytellers of your special day. With the right quality and hard work put into the imagery we create lasting memories for our clientele.

Our artistic and upfront approach to imagery is filled with emotion and sentiments and it also indicates the strong bond between the loved ones and of course the couples. Professionalism is not at all compromised with, while shooting for behind the scenes and candid moments.

One look at these images will take you by surprise and leave you stunt, as we out shine the expectations of our clients by capturing real life moments. For this special occasion, some people tend to worry about putting in complete trust and faith in the photographers; they often get extra selective while choosing their wedding photographers. Our style of Toronto wedding photography comes with a guarantee of bright fresh wedding pictures in the most exotic locations in Toronto.

Up Photo Art comes with a complete menu of wedding photography Toronto that allows the couples and their families to relive the wedding memories over and over again.

We offer 1) a free Fingerprint Tree Guestbook,  2)  5 free special retouching coupons for our photography clients only.

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