Basic Retouching

Basic retouching is intended to

·          Enhance color and brightness

·          Adjust the lighting on the face

·          Adjust image exposure


Basic retouching helps to brighten dark color images. This upgrades your photo with more brilliance and better quality.

As you can see from our sample portfolio, our beautiful model recovered brightness and lighting with image exposure on her photo.   

The basic retouching is very simple to work with and it requires minimal experience or expertise but it is better to get help from the professionals. Up PhotoArt is offering the basic photo retouching services for a very fair price. Pictures that require color enhancement, brightness and adjustments of lighting can be retouched with basic editing tools. The image exposure sometimes does not work out well in dim lit places. So the basic photo retouching can help it get that perfect level of light filter. It also helps upgrade your photo to higher quality.   

We have all the latest photo retouching tools available to correct and change the color, brightness, blemishes, and unwanted scars and marks on the face or anywhere else.

What goes into the color enhancement? We, at Up Photo Art alter the color impression in the images choose the best possible color that compliments the picture in the most perfect way. We spot where the colors are most highlighted. For example if red is prominent in the light areas and blue in the dark areas of the picture, it will be wrong to apply blue filter on the whole image. This is also one the reasons why you need a professional photo editing in Toronto.

The touch ups that are given to the images are mainly played around with tools like a healing brush. It is used for the touch ups of light makeup and removal of any unwanted scars or freckles. Touch ups can also enhance or reduce any body shape to make it look better like the jaw line, lips, eye enlargement and more.

As long as the image looks, real basic photo retouching and enhancing can work wonders. All you need is the right level of refinement. You can also check out the portfolio for the basic photo retouching in Toronto provided by Up Photo Art.


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